H2B (How to be) Safer!

mzl.mvjkmcatThe h2bsafer (how to be safer) hub is designed to provide you with information and advice that is easy to access and simple to understand. Use the short videos and step-by-step prompt cards to ensure you have a safer online experience.

Click on the image for detailed instructions and videos about how to make sure you have the correct privacy settings for your Social Media accounts.


Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness week.  To mark the occasion this month’s Picture of Health looks at mental health in Tameside, and offers links to some sites to help you understand more about how to help yourself and others to enjoy good mental health.

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A Picture of Health

Screenshot 2016-04-18 at 17.17.13Public Health Tameside have supplied us with the following information and download…

In Public Health we look at the way people in Tameside live as a whole population. This helps us understand what the main health and wellbeing challenges are for people living here, so we can look for ways to improve levels of health. We’ll be sharing facts and figures about health in Tameside with you every month, to put you in the picture. We’ll also be giving you information on how you can help yourself and the people around you to live well.

Click the image above to download the leaflet.

It’s not OKAY

Its Not OKThis week we are supporting the ‘Its not OK’ campaign which is around Child Sexual Exploitation.

The focus of the campaign during this year’s week of action is raising awareness around the strong link between child sexual exploitation and children who go missing.

Going missing can mean bunking off school, staying out overnight, or running away from home for a few days or longer. Whatever the context, the reality is that 95% children at risk from child sexual exploitation have gone missing at least once. Tackling child sexual exploitation is everyone’s responsibility. Fo more information, please visit the following websites:


Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 9th February 2016 is Safer Internet Day. Look out for some exciting activities based around being a good Digital Citizen in your Computing lessons this week.

Or click on the image below to find out more about the day.


The Apprenticeship Guide!

The Apprenticeship Guide gives free online access to loads of useful information about apprenticeships, general careers advice, direct links to employers and training providers that offer apprenticeships, real life stories and much more.

Apprenticeship Guide

Click on the image above to find out more information.

Success for Yr11 Football Team!


Year 11 Manager, Mr Osborne, reports on the recent success of our school football team…..

“The Year 11s were appreciative of the fact that that they might only have a handful of games left of school football. The message was simple, “give it your all and enjoy every minute”

I was confident going into the game, ahead of a successful football trip last year and the lads didn’t disappoint. We rolled out with the same ambitious 4-1-2-1-2 formation from last year and the lads were simply fantastic. Passing with confidence, working for each other and scoring from all angles of the pitch.

The game resulted in an 8-1 victory for our boys. Although there will be tougher challenges ahead, the boys were matched physically and maintained discipline and temperament throughout.

From a delighted manager, Mr Osborne.”